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Looking to hire your next employee — The correct way?
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Hike helps creative studios, agencies and companies attract, organise and hire their next creative employees.

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Let's talk about hiring creatives.

Hiring your next creative employee can be difficult, messy & complicated and takes up a lot of your time, which is kind of useless.

Why not change this?

Hike is the first hiring platform for agencies, studios, products and remote teams that allows you to promote your jobs, sort your candidates and easily look through portfolios/work - all in one place, but everywhere at the same time.

Use Hike.

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Jason & Jake
Built in Manchester UK

Made for hiring people in...

Creative Agencies
Hire and improve your creative teams with stronger applicants
Strengthen your software, app or product team
Easily hire a team across multiple different timezones

Find the right creative — Hike helps you find and attract creatives that match your job requirements and company culture.

Feature attract

Posting your job posts across job boards, social media and your website make it hard to keep track of applicants, and the reach isn't great. Unlike other platforms, we make this easier by letting you do this all in one place.

Now you can have more time to spend choosing a creative to hire.

Communication all in one place
API's and Widgets
Custom Job Templates
Custom Profile Templates
Helpers to get your job posts noticed
Privacy & GDPR
Applicants can follow your company
Tools to promote your jobs
Show off your company Culture, skills & benefits
Hire a range of job roles
Track & Manage

Improve your hiring workflow — Hike allows your to sort, move and communicate with applicants all in one place.

Feature track manage

Choosing the right applicant for a job is frustrating, and even more frustrating if you have multiple job openings. Hike lets you quickly view and sort applicants across all your jobs in one view. Letting you also view their portfolio/work at a glance.

Now you can choose the right applicant without opening any PDF's.

Bulk sort sort applicants, across all of your job posts
Multiple available positions in one job
Overview applicants profile & work for more detail
Communicate with your team
Custom Applicant Stages
Bulk send emails to all applicants
Hire on the go
% Applicant Matching

But wait, there is more

We want to help kick start careers
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FREE for internships

To allow graduates or new creatives to get into a company they love, we don't charge you to list an internship job post.

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Fair pay policy

No job post can be "free to gain experience". You have to at least offer expenses for internships with reasons why — making the creative industry stronger.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Turn on settings to enable you and your team to hire a diverse and inclusive team. Decide to opt-out of names, gender and profile photos, so all applicants are equal.

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API & Widgets

Post your jobs to the Hike job boards and display these on your website easily with our widgets, or make it match your website by hooking into our API.

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Privacy & GDPR

We respect you and your applicant's privacy, so we adhere to privacy and GDPR rules. E.g. Once you've hired an applicant, we no longer store all of that applicant's data.

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