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Hike helps creative studios, agencies and companies attract, organise and hire their next creative employees.

More than just a hiring tool

We’re not just another job board, no sir. We’re a fast, lightweight and powerful approach to job hunting.

Attract your future employees by letting them see inside your company.

Organise your applicants with your team and move them through stages.

Boost your reach across multiple social platforms and increase the number of applications.

Track your jobs progress and make better decisions

We're made for hiring

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Promote your job, reach the right talent

Reach the correct talent by promoting your jobs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn - But keep the applications in one place. Jobs are also visible in Google with our advanced SEO features.

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Reach correct talent

Oh, wait... There's more

Follow talent
Follow talent, be alerted when they are available.
Add your jobs to your website using our widget or API.
Internal notes feedback
Works for teams with internal notes & feedback on applicants.
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