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Looking to hire your next employee — The correct way?
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About Hike

Behind Hike are creatives, building a tool for hiring creatives.

Our Story

After running a design studio for 10+ years, we've realised that hiring creatives can be difficult. Emails, DM's, social posts, Whatsapps all make the process messy.

Not to mention the number of websites, PDF's or Behance profiles you need to visit before you can consider a creative for a position.

Hike is built by creatives, for hiring creatives.

We've always been about making sure creatives are paid fairly, whilst allowing companies to easily find, sort and hire creatives that match their company, and the open job position.

Use Hike to hire you're next creative.

We made Hike for hiring

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What makes us different

We want to help kick start careers
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FREE for internships

To allow graduates or new creatives to get into a company they love, we don't charge you to list an internship job post.

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No recruitment agencies

We're not a recruitment agency, and don't like recruitment agencies. We don't take % of a newly hired creatives wage or spam you with nasty stuff.

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Hire a diverse and inclusive team

Turn on settings to enable you and your team to hire a diverse and inclusive team. Decide to opt-out of names, gender and profile photos, so all applicants are equal.

The Makers

Behind Hike, is real people
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Jason Mayo
Product Designer & Developer
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Jake Brown
Product Marketing

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