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New: Hire a diverse and inclusive team + sharing

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Product Developer at Hike

As well as making hiring easier for you, the creative companies, studios and agencies, we want to help you build diverse and strong teams. Diversity matters and brings more ideas, perspectives and creativity to a team.

Diversity and Inclusion settings

You can optionally now turn on diversity and inclusion settings to hide profile photos, genders, race, disabilities and locations - Giving you an unbiased view of the applicants that apply for your jobs. Making you focus more on the quality of work produced by a candidate (And their personality!) rather than specific attributes.

Of course, we admire these attributes in every applicant - So this is totally optional.

Blog hire diverse teams settings

We want Hike to become a diverse place by getting good roles filled by all but welcoming BAME, female and LGBT+ strong creatives. In turn, hiring the best talent regardless.

Read: Pushing for Equality and Diversity within a Creative Company

Share & reach talent.

Getting the word out about your new available job position isn't easy. So instead of creating the job pages, graphics to post on social media etc. - Let us handle it. We automatically let you share your job post over your social platforms. Just pick a colour and share!

Blog hire diverse teams share

All applicants will still go through Hike so that you won't have job applicants flying in through email, DM's, LinkedIn etc. - We keep that still centralised to organise your applicants with ease.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention the widget you can plugin into your site to display your jobs. But more on this in the next post.


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