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New: Hire creatives faster with — sort, overview & move

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Companies don't hire during a pandemic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off in full force in early March over here in the UK, we were ready to release Hike to a handful of creative companies/agencies. We wanted them to play with Hike and use our product to make their next creative hires. But sadly, this didn't happen.

Instead, we did the opposite of what product companies say - "launch fast"; instead, we waited. This felt right for us because of one solid reason - Companies weren't hiring during a pandemic. We felt the feedback wouldn't be as thorough because creative companies wouldn't actively be using it. We put off the release, looked at the product, iterated, and added new features we were holding back.

So here we go, new features:

Applicant overviews sort

Sort Applicants

When a creative applies for a job at your creative company/agency through Hike, you can overview all of your applicants on one page. Many other hiring products have new applicants buried deep within each job, and very difficult to sort multiple applicants over multiple jobs. Hike doesn't, as we let you see all of your new applicants at one glance - even if they've applied to multiple jobs.

Applicant overview work

Overview Applicants

The pain point of hiring creatives is that you have to look at many different applicants portfolios, scattered over many different platforms - Personal websites, Behance/LinkedIn, Photos, PDFs, etc. But Hike lets you overview your applicants work as the number 1 priority when viewing applicants. Making shortlisting or rejecting applicants one click faster process.

Applicant overviews move

Move Applicants

When new applicants come in, and you've finished sorting them, they end up in a 'job overview'. This is where you can then deal with the applicants you really like. Hike keeps this process simple by allowing you to move them between shortlist, interviewing, offers and hired stages. If you have multiple places of that position available, 'slots' show you how many more creatives you can hire before that position is filled.

Hike should be publicly available by August 2020, but we're rolling out invites over the next few weeks. Get on the Early Access list or sign up to our Newsletter to get stories, thoughts and product updates revolving around hiring, people and culture.

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