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New: Review applicants work & profile

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When you're hiring a creative to fill a job role in your studio or agency, it can be not easy to overview the applicants. Firstly, they will send you their projects and work in many different ways - PDF's, Websites, Instagram, LinkedIn, to name a few. At Hike, we knew this was a pain point for studios/agencies when trying to quickly overview if a candidate fits the role based on their work and many other factors.

With Hike, you can see all the information about the candidate, such as:

  • Their work and projects
  • An opening paragraph that describes why they will be good for the role
  • How well they match the job position
  • What they are currently looking for
Review applicants work candidate

Keep yourself and your team updated.

Within this view, you can also keep everyone updated (Including the candidate) on where they are at in the job application. You can shortlist them or reject them and move on to the next candidate. Leaving notes will also help you know why you chose a certain status for the candidate, e.g. "Really liked Sarah's work".

You can also see what job they have applied for and if you have multiple job openings if they applied for other roles in your company.

Hike should be publicly available by August 2020, but we're rolling out invites over the next few weeks. Get on the Early Access list or sign up to our Newsletter to get stories, thoughts and product updates revolving around hiring, people and culture.

Stories, thoughts and product updates revolving around hiring, people and culture.
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