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Product Developer at Hike

A few years ago, whilst working in a small creative agency, we realised it wasn't proving easy to find good quality creatives. Not only finding but promoting a job position and then filtering through the applications was very time consuming for such a small agency.

We had it all: A nice relaxed workspace, flexible working hours, bike schemes, team days/nights out, but whenever a job post was listed on a platform (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) or on our website, the reach/interest was very low.

After a discussion with a few graduates around the same time, it became clear that these job posts weren’t as visible as we thought, and good creatives didn’t know they existed. So here lay the problem:

Creatives found it difficult to find good quality jobs. Companies found it difficult to reach, find and manage good creatives.

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Both sides were turning to many different methods to find that perfect person/job, whether this is scouting and posting on social platforms, posting on various websites (including their own) and firing out many emails — even asking friends if they know of any good jobs, or creatives.

Job boards don’t feel personal because they lack personality in job postings. They also lacked the tools to manage applicants effectively.

Social networks don’t have a perfect way of communicating with each other, and there’s no way of tracking potential leads. Posting on your own website only got a handful of views, rarely viewed by the right person.

This leads to the frustration that most creatives/companies spend far too long looking rather than accepting. Companies then give up, and places never get filled (heard of again!), or designers become exhausted from being on a constant hunt.

This is where we can introduce our product.

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Hike bridges this gap. It creates a place where creatives & companies can find and post jobs, communicate and have personality. Becoming a place to find creatives that perfectly match job positions and a central location for creatives to look not only at jobs but also inside companies and their values & culture.

Hike is not just a job board. It becomes more like a social game to find a job or creative. Making it all one big adventure that both sides enjoy. For Creatives (the seekers), this means:

  • We welcome all creatives, whether you’re a designer, copywriter, programmer or architect.
  • You can follow companies you admire and want to work with and get instant updates on open job positions.
  • Our ‘Matching Bar’ will let you know before you view more information if the job (or company) matches your requirements and gives you a % match based on your requirements.
  • No more lengthy job application’s. Our process is done within a few steps, with content already on your profile.
  • See inside a company and whether their company values, culture and ethos matches your choices. This might be if they allow pets, have pizza Fridays or adhere to maternity pay.
  • If you don’t know what you’re looking for, we can show you some unusual job collections to inspire your job hunt.
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But also, for Companies (the hirers):

  • Show off your company with a bespoke profile, whether this is your company culture, team members or your values.
  • Jobs posted will have a targeted reach, meaning only jobs posted will go to the creatives looking for those specific requirements. Ensuring you’re targeting the perfect creative.
  • When applications come in, we’ll sort them based on who we think matches your job position. Then you can bulk review these by shortlisting, rejecting or hiring.
  • Job applications are scannable, so you no longer have to open websites, PDF’s or messages separately. See an overview of all applicants in one place and within one view.
  • If you find someone on Hike or any other platform — add them to the application process.
  • The ‘Matching Bar’ will let you know before you view more information if the creative matches your requirements and gives you a % match.

We’re still in alpha, but we will be released to a select few creatives & companies soon.

If Hike sounds like something you need, join our limited preview to invite when we launch.

In the meantime, keep up to date on InstagramTwitter.

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