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What's New: March 2021

2 min read
Product Developer at Hike

It's the start of a new month, which means we're trying something new - Letting you know what we rolled out to Hike in the previous month. March was a busy month, and we've added a lot of features to help creative studios and agencies improve their hiring process.

Rolling out invites

You heard it correctly; we've started rolling out invites to studios and agencies who have shown interest in Hike over the past few months. These companies are currently using Hike to hire creatives for various job roles, and the feedback so far has been positive! If you are interested in trying Hike, sign up for free.

Applicants sort tues

Improved sorting of job applicants

The biggest thing we've been concentrating on building is the sorting feature. This feature allows you to sort all applicants across all of your open job positions in one view. You can preview an applicant's work, view answers to questions you've asked in the job application, then qualify or disqualify that applicant really easy, and move on to the next applicant!

No more sifting through PDF's, websites, Behance profiles, + emails.

Promote job templates

Once you've added a job, you need to promote it. It will also go on our job board and added to our chosen job board partners to get you the most reach. You can optionally use our "promote" feature that lets you choose from a few templates that you can post on social media.

Settings diversity

Diversity & Inclusion settings

One thing we believe in is that hiring should be equal. An applicant shouldn't be dismissed because of their gender, location or race, so we've added global settings that allow you to turn off faces, names and locations from applicants so your team can hire without any prejudice.

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Follow buttons on companies

We'll soon be rolling out our "creative network". No, this isn't another Behance or Dribbble (We're not a social network); it's a hidden area that lets creatives find companies that are hiring and view more information about these companies. So we've added the ability for creatives to follow companies, and they'll get alerts when that company adds a job!

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*Dream job* settings

Our last (But the most secretive) feature is one that follows on from our "creative network". Any creative that uses Hike will be able to see how well they match to a particular job, based on their *dream job* settings. Not only that, but we'll show the creative what they match to and don't match to, and if it's numeric (salary, years experience etc.), we'll show how far off their dream job this is! Exciting.

We've got our roadmap cycle set for the next month, mainly improving how you can communicate with an applicant, show off your company culture and improve the reach of a job post.

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