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Hire and improve your creative teams with stronger applicants

Feature overview applicants

Overview applicants profile & work for more detail

See an applicant's details and how they match to your job post. Quickly scan their work, work history, what they are looking for etc. No more opening websites, PDF's or Word docs.
Feature company values

Show off your company culture, skills & benefits

On your job and profile, show off your company culture, whether this is early finishes, pizza on a Friday or company holidays. Just don't forget to pay them!

Hire interns, graduates and juniors — Hike believes in a "fair pay policy" by paying any creative producing work for a company a fair wage.

Feature intern fair pay

We've all been in an interns or juniors boat, get any creative job we can and be respected. Hike lets interns get paid for their efforts and offers a solution for companies to make this happen. Primarily by providing internship job posts for free, so you can pay interns.

Now your morals will feel boosted, and interns can get rewarded.

Focus is on getting creatives paid
Paying Intern's and fair pay policy
FREE for Internships!
Feedback from interns on profile
Feedback and references to interns and old employees
Feature applicant matching

Everything you need to hire creatives in one place

Job Templates

Show an applicant more than just a job description. Add photos of your studio, or introduction video to give your job posts more personality and show off your company.

Bulk sort applicants, across all of your job posts

Quickly bulk sort new applicants and see an overview of their work and matched skills. Shortlist, reject or hire straight away across all your open job positions at once.

% Applicant Matching

See what skills candidates match to, and what they don't. We also pick keywords out of their introductions that match what you're looking for in a creative.

Communicate all in one place

Keep all your communication between yourself and applicants in Hike. No more scattered emails, social DM's or Whatsapp messages.

Tools to promote your jobs

Feature promote jobs
When your job post is written and looks great, you can use one of our many options to post this over the internet.

Applicants can follow your company

Applicants can follow companies and get notified next time you post a job. This flow is great for applicants determined they want to work at specific companies.

But wait, there is more

We want to help kick start careers
Icon multiple positions
Multiple available positions in one job

You can fill two or more job positions in the same job. E.g. If you're looking for 2x Graphic Designers at senior level.

Icon centralised data
Centralised Data

Instead of receiving applications for your jobs over social media, emails, phone or messages, you can keep it all in Hike. But still, promote it over these channels.

Icon range of roles
Hire a range of job roles

There's no limit on what creative positions you hire for, e.g. copywriters, designers, software developers or architects. If you're hiring a copywriter, you can see an overview of their writing, hiring a coder? We'll show you an overview of their code also.

Icon repuration
No experience is not a reason not to hire

Earn more reputation for your company on our platform if you hire recent graduates or new creatives to allow them to gain experience in a particular job role. Show off how you'll train and nurture these applicants.

Icon diversity
Diversity & Inclusion

Turn on settings to enable you and your team to hire a diverse and inclusive team. Decide to opt-out of names, gender and profile photos, so all applicants are equal.

Bring clarity to your hiring

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